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Charm your audience with 360 videos and the power of curiosity 

A new and exciting way of storytelling is here, your audience is eager but where do you start? We know exactly what’s needed to make your vision a reality. Not from reading blog posts or following trends; but from years testing camera placement, 360 rigs, and stitching techniques. We’ve shot 360 videos all over the world for the top brands, tops tv channels, and top musicians for a reason.

Over the past two and a half years Thrillbox has accumulated an unparalleled body of knowledge.

In that time we have:

  • Produced over 1400 different 360° video segments.

  • Had our content featured in some of the top film festivals (Tribeca, Sundance).

  • Shot all over the world in technically challenging conditions (see map below).

  • Spent over 1000 hours in the post-production seat.

  • Tested and experimented with every 360 camera system under the sun.

Our Process


We research the optimal location to produce your 360 video and ensure the vision is realized.


We collaborate with you to understand and visualize the elements of your story and make sure the image is properly captured in 360.


Different shots require different cameras. Thrillbox has the field experience to select the proper gear.


Videos from the camera array are combined using advanced software to provide a 360 preview for clients.

Final Stitch

After you select the proper clips from your Preview, our post-production team generates a seamless video.


360 video editing is different than standard video. Thrillbox is on the cutting edge of editing methods to keep audiences attention.


As one of the key ingredients in successfully creating a sense of immersive presence, we take great pains to deliver great audio.


We add titles, graphics and polish the content until it’s truly World Class and ready to represent your brand.

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